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NRG Petten is the global market leader in producing nuclear isotopes (medical isotopes). Every day, more than 30,000 patients worldwide depend on the medical substances developed by NRG Petten for their treatment. These medical isotopes are used for medical imaging techniques (PET and SPECT scans). Doctors then use them in the treatment of cancer and heart and vascular disease for example.

Being a world leader, NRG Petten needed a website to match. The website was launched September 1st. I developed the anatomical 3d models and the resulting visualizations needed for the website to accompany the products developed for the treatment of different cancers.

First I developed two distinct human anatomical 3d models, a male and female which I kept as realistic as possible. Both models can be seen as distinct human beings instead of a generic anatomy model. Both models are anatomically correct and all organs and features can be lifted from the model for a specific purpose.

For each product I rendered the accompanying organ with an accurate cancerous growth as a turntable and as 2d images. I’m now working on the same organs to be rendered as Sketchfab models to be incorporated in the website.
By using an illustration-like style for the turntables and 2d images I could give NRG Petten a unique product that draws the attention and sets them apart from most anatomical 3d models out there.

To great satisfaction of my client.


Anatomical visualizations for the NRG website


NRG Petten

What I Did

Develop appealing anatomical 3d models, male and female, for a range of expressions.

Mieke Roth

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