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Here an overview of my most important products. My main skillset is that I am able to tackle complex subjects and transform them into appealing and effective visualizations. And I mostly use 3d modeling to accomplish that.

Complex 3d models


If it’s complex anatomy, that can’t easily be visualized by a scan or a photo, or a reconstruction of an ancient artefact, you have come to the right address. I can work completely solo or cooperate in a team to get the most out of your research. My work is often instrumental to get answers to questions that can’t be solved otherwise.

3d animation


Normal animation is great, but actual 3d animation is even more amazing. See the subject from all sides while it moves. Zoom in if you want to look at something closer. Show complex processes in a much shorter video than with a regular video, without losing data.

Interactive apps

One of the most useful applications of online real-time 3d is if you can transform it into an interactive 3d application. Show a range of different subjects, insights and even animations in just one app.

On the right a small list of examples

3d printed models

Making models for 3d printing is a profession in its own right. If it’s a small delicate model of an insect or a complex anatomical model, I have extensive experience in 3d printing, can print small objects in-house and can deliver model files for larger printing production-ready.

Applications are, for example, education and display of research. But museums could benefit from 3d printable museum objects in a much higher resolution than mostly obtained with photogrammetry.