Special projects

Anatomical rat

Since I specialize in animal anatomy and always look to expand my scientific understanding and my visualization skills, I do special projects on a regular basis. One of my biggest projects to date is a complete anatomical rat.

I have a dedicated website for it, which is a work in progress. For now, the collection of models is on my Sketchfab portfolio:

Anatomical Rat Collection

Here an example of how that dedicated website is going to look. With interactive apps that zoom in on specific parts of the anatomy. This specific application is about the neck vertebrae of the rat with some of the surrounding tissue. The model you see on the right here is in fact the model explained in the app.

Neck vertebrae app

Eledone cirrhosa

A more recent project is the octopus Eledone cirrhosa. The specimen was provided by a a local fisherman in Urk. The species is considered by-catch and is a small octopus common in the northeast Atlantic and the North-sea. As with the rat, I did the dissection myself.

I don’t have a dedicated website for it yet, but you can see the collection of 3d anatomical models of this octopus on my Sketchfab portfolio:

Eledone cirrhosa collection