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A full screen interactive application

I’ve been working on getting the most out of Sketchfab models for a while now and this one did take a while, but I’m finally proud to say I did it!

Because the application is best seen full screen, I haven’t put it in this post, but on another location. The app will become part of my website on a later date, but for now I proudly present the neck vertebrae of the rat and some of its surrounding tissue!

Click on the image to go to the app.

Be aware that the app is meant for desktop. It does work on my ipad, but I wouldn’t try it on a smart phone..


This post is part of one of my special projects: a complete anatomical 3d model of Rattus norvegicus. 

Mieke Roth

Author Mieke Roth

Animal scientist gone information architect gone scientific visualizer. I've got two loves of my life: my son and my work. Luckily I can give them both enough attention.

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